Abstract: Motivated by recent findings in chemical and biological experiments accompanied by an increased interest in the significance of mechano-chemical coupling, we try to formulate a thermodynamically consistent model gaining an insight into this phenomena.

First, we shall discuss the use of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, classical irreversible thermodynamics (CIT), for extensions of Law of Mass Action that is frequently used in chemical kinetics. Such extensions enable to study the effects and nature of mechano-chemical coupling.

Further, within GENERIC framework we propose a thermodynamically consistent way (or ways) of capturing a non-linear coupling between scalar quantities, namely affinities and scalar mechanical quantities. A modified version of the law of mass action is obtained which reflects the coupling effects by modification of reaction constants.

The results from non-linear coupling shall be discussed with CIT predictions. Also a means of comparison of the effects of different types of already recognised mechanical stimulation shall be given. As an illustrative example we shall use the theoretical findings to propose explanation to recently recognised mechanically induced oscillations in Belousov-Zhabotinski reactions.